Drag racing has a number of fans and enthusiasts all in equal measure. If you intend to participate in a drag race, how will you become competitive? Of course, there are some things you need to know. Don’t worry, here are tips to help you become competitive in no time:

Safety first
Don’t brag about how much you know about drag racing. Safety should be a top priority. All the people involved including the driver, track employees, crew, and spectators. Take time to check all the safety boxes. Do you have all the safety gear you require? Is your car dripping anything? What about the one that has just gone past you? Check if the cap of your fuel cell is tightly secured.

Tire pressure
It is advisable that you increase the pressure in your tires by a few notches but not very high. When the power pressure is just right, the car will have a better hold on the pavement. The result is more friction, which gives rise to quicker 60-foot times. You may want to start with low pressure and keep increasing until you get tire spin.

The crew
Drag racing beginners will have nothing more than a buddy or significant other as their crew. They might even be on their own. If you intend to participate in more races, you definitely need a crew. The crew will help you work on the car, prepare food, and provide backing during the race. They ensure you are in the right frame of mind and that you are not worried about anything. That way, you can fully focus on the driving.

Are you looking for a secret to winning championships? It is not a fast car, lots of money or a good crew. It is consistency. You must always be there ready to compete. Winning the championship doesn’t happen merely because of the car you drive. You might not even win race day. Resolve to be consistently fast and good and you will win the trophy.

Tune to the fastest competitor
It really does not matter how deep your pockets are. Neither does it matter how fast your car is. For are in drag racing to compete. After building the fastest car possible, slow it down to just faster than that of your closest competitor. That way you will be able to beat the best in some 0.1 seconds. If you expose all your cards, you may end up having a class rule made to slow down your car. You don’t want that, do you? Here you also get other informations 2017 Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame

Don’t hesitate to pull the chute
Disaster may just strike at any time. At a high speed of more than 100 mph, your car might just start dancing out of control. Apart from taking control of the car and letting go of the gas pedal, you need to pull the chute. After all, you want to slow down the car but also keep it pointed towards the tower. Once the front wheels are on the ground, it should be easier to control the car.

Are looking to become a drag racing pro? Follow these tips.


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